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Battlefleet Gothic Resource

Welcome to my first  blog. Today I would like to share a resource for the Interstellar warfare game ‘Battlefleet Gothic’ which takes place in the ‘Warhammer 40K’ universe.

Battlfleet Gothic was one of Game Workshops specialists games that they do not support anymore. But thanks to the hard work of the fans, the game not only survives, but thrives with new ideas and new ships.

The source I would like to share with you all today is ‘Warprift’. It is a free online ezine. It is an absolute WEALTH of knowledge. The paint scemes on some of the ships, and the conversions are mind blowing. Warprift is what rekindled my love of BFG.


You can find them at:  or just do a search for ‘Warprift’.

If you are an old hand at the game and want some new ideas, or if your thinking of building a fleet for your favorite army and try your luck in the battle zones of the 41st millennium, just remember, things unseen slither through the warp, and in space…no one can hear you scream.